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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Tiny Steps Weight Loss Tips
by Chuck

The new Snapple® ad showing a young woman starting her New Year's resolution to begin a diet and exercise program with the small steps of switching from soda to Snapple® for the start of the diet part and doing a turn in the revolving door to the gym rather than just walking past the gym got me to thinking about other small steps one could take. Getting more exercise and losing a couple of pounds is one of my goals for this year but, like everyone else, getting started is the difficult part.

Here are some ideas which I have started using. I doubt that I will lose any weight with these (I also doubt the Snapple® lady will lose any either) BUT, these tactics should help avoid ADDING more weight.

As Dr. VanGrafland, our family doctor when I was a child, used to advise, diet by reducing the size of the portions you eat rather than eliminating whole classes of food.

Exercise your upper body muscles by pushing yourself away from the table at the end of a meal rather than sitting and continuing to munch.

Take the stairs, rather than the elevator, to go from one floor to another at work.

Instead of sitting in your car in a crowded parking lot waiting for a person in a spot near the store to load their parcels, load their kids, find their keys, tune the radio, etc., pull into one of the many spots located further away from the entrance. You will not only get into the store faster but will also get some exercise.

Walk PAST rather than TO the refrigerator.

While waiting in the check out line at the grocery store, bring yourself up to date on the latest Hollywood scandals and alien abductions by reading the covers of the tabloids rather than checking out the deals on candy bars.

Instead of sitting down to put on your socks or tie your shoes, stand up and balance on one foot to do this.

If you like sweets, as I do, but find it difficult not to eat them when they are available, as I do, don't keep them on hand at home or work. In my case, if it is there I will eat it when I have the urge but I won't take the time to run to the store to buy the item every time I want it.

If you find it difficult to avoid the candy machine at work, make it a point not to keep any money in denominations lower than $10 bills in your wallet – vending machines will usually accept denominations up to $5. Limiting yourself to $10 and higher bills will make it more difficult to give in and buy that candy bar.

Good Luck!

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