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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

by Chuck and Victor

Copyright © 1993, 2006 Charles J. & Victor L. Nugent

Once upon a time, when Sean the Leprechaun was a wee tike, he and
his Dad visited a tropical beach in Honduras. While they were on the
beach Sean saw a lady walking very erect and carrying a load of coconuts in the hat resting on her head. As she passed, bathers, sunning themselves on the beach, would call her over and buy one or two of her coconuts.

Upon seeing this, the wee little Sean pointed to the coconuts and
said excitedly, "Cocos Da! Cocos Da!" Seeing him the lady came over to them and his Dad brought two coconuts.

The lady removed two coconuts from her had and deftly sliced the top off the top of each coconut with her machete. Bending her knees while keeping her head and back perfectly straight, she handed one coconut to Sean and one to his Dad. While his father was paying the lady, Sean quickly dug into his coconut with his sand covered little fingers. Eagerly he scooped up the creamy meat and offered some to his Dad. His eager smile of anticipation was such that his Dad, setting aside sanitary concerns, graciously accepted the now gritty and slightly brownish treat.

Despite the look and feel of it in his mouth, The rich, creamy coconut meat tasted very good. Having sampled the first offering, his father was able to decline additional samples from the little tike. But that didn't matter as Sean eagerly drank the sweet milk and devoured the remaining meat - sand and all!

After consuming their little treat, they both strolled into the cool surf and continue d to splash and play in the waves.

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