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Friday, January 20, 2006

Armagha's Last Trick - Part II

Continued from Wednesday January 18, 2006

Copyright (C) 1995 by Chuck Nugent, Victor Nugent & David Delgadillo

The next morning Sean got up and got dressed for school. He had trouble with his shoes but he finally got them on - and then fell flat on his face when he started to walk. Then he noticed that the laces were tied together. He fixed the shoes and then went down to breakfast. As usual, he put a big spoonful of sugar on his cereal while his little sister said grace. As soon as his sister finished he shoved a big spoon of cereal into his mouth - and immediately spit the salty mess out! His father, being a college graduate, immediately realized what had happened and proceeded to pass the salt shaker around so the others could put sugar on their cereal.

But Sean had had enough and went out to get his bike to go to school. The bike was gone, but by now he suspected that Armagha had been playing tricks so he looked up in the tree and saw his bike. He climbed the tree, got the bike down and pumped air back into the tires.
He then met McGillicudy and both had to rush to get to school on time.
They agreed that Armagha was responsible for this and vowed to spend all recess planning appropriate retaliation. Meanwhile, Armagha accompanied her Father to the Principal's office where her Father signed the papers needed to transfer her out of the school. When her father finished, Armagha looked at the clock and saw that it was almost nine. Armagha turned to the Principal and asked if she could quickly visit her classroom to say good-by to her friends. The Principal thought that would be a good idea and gave permission.

When Armagha walked into the room Sean and McGillicudy glared at her to let her know that they knew she was responsible for the tricks and that they would get back at her. But Armagha just smiled demurely and told the class how sad she was to be leaving. Sean and McGillicudy suddenly realized that she had timed her tricks in a way that they couldn't get back to her.

Armagha kept an eye on the clock and started to leave just as it changed to nine o'clock. As the clock turned to nine the magic crystals in their pants turned to ice cubes and both jumped up in surprise! The rest of the class thought they were standing up to say good-by to Armagha so they stood to say good-by also.

As Armagha left the room, the last thing she saw was Sean and McGillicudy each ready to explode with anger at her trick and, at the same time squirming in agony with the ice cubes in their pants. She was so happy with her perfectly executed trick that she laughed all the way to her new home on the other side of Leprechanland.

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