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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

ARMAGHA'S Last Trick- Part I

Copyright (C) 1995 by Chuck Nugent, Victor Nugent & David Delgadillo

It had been a while since the little faire Armagha had tricked her Leprechan friends, Sean and McGillicudy. After Sean and McGillicudy had put her in a box and mailed her to Abu Dubi in retaliation for her loading them on a food cart and shipping them on a plane to New York during their class'es field trip to the airport she had been a little reluctant to play another trick on them.

But then her father came home and announced that he was being transferred to a new job on the other side of Leprechanland. That set Armagha to thinking. The other side of Leprechanland was too far away for McGillicudy and Sean to play a trick on her. So, if she could think of a trick and time it so that she left right after - well, she just might be able to avoid their retaliatory trick.

Armagha thought and thought, but as the day of departure drew near she had no ideas. Then her father announced that the movers would come on Thursday and move everything out of their house. The family would spend the night in a hotel and first thing Friday morning her father would take her to school to check her out and they would leave town immediately. Armagha made her plans and waited for Thursday night.

After the movers had moved everything out of their house, Armagha's father locked the door and the family went to the hotel where they had dinner and went to bed. As soon as everyone was asleep, Armagha slipped out of bed and flew directly to Sean's house. Sean was sound asleep as she quickly tied his shoes together. Then she went downstairs and put salt in the sugar bowl and the sugar in the salt shaker. After that she went outside, took the air out of Sean's bike tires and, used her magic to put his bicycle up in the tree. The final trick of this naughty faire was to put some of her father's magic ice crystals in the underwear Sean was to wear tomorrow. She said the magic words she had copied from her Father's book and left. The magic words would cause the invisible crystals to turn into ice cubes at exactly nine o'clock the next morning.

Armagha then flew to McGillicudy's house and did the same tricks to him. Then she flew back to the hotel and went to bed.

To be continued on Friday January 20, 2006

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