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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

McGilicudy Tricks the Tooth Fairy - Part II
by Chuck & Victor

Copyright © 1995, 2006 by Chuck Nugent, Victor Nugent & David Delgadillo

Continued from Monday...

As darkness settled over the world the tooth fairies flew out in all directions from their castle. They checked each little sleeping boy, girl and leprechaun and, when they noticed a tooth missing, checked under their pillow. If the fairy found a tooth under the pillow they would use their magic to turn it into a dollar bill.

Now there was a new fairy assigned to the area where McGilicudy lived and when she checked McGilicudy she fell for his trick. A more experienced fairy would have double checked - especially when dealing with a mischievous leprechaun, like McGilicudy. But she did not check. She simply performed her magic and turned the soap chip into a dollar.

Now Tooth Fairies have been given their special magic on the condition that it only be used to change teeth into dollars. The monetary authorities have strictly forbidden them to change anything else into money. So, when this fairy changed McGilicudy's soap chip into a dollar, the monetary authorities immediately began to withdraw her Life Space. The poor fairy barely had the strength to make it back to the castle. The other fairies didn't want to see her die and they pleaded with the authorities to spare her as she was obviously the victim of a trick.

The monetary authorities finally agreed to spare her only on the condition that the other fairies find and punish the trickster before sundown. It didn't take them long to find McGilicudy and discover that he had used the old licorice trick on the fairy.

When they caught up with McGilicudy he was at the store ready to pay for Lord Tubac. As he handed over his eight dollars the fairies changed one of them back into a soap chip. The clerk told him that he was a dollar short and returned his seven dollars and soap chip. Poor McGilicudy was so sad - but at least he still had a bigger collection of Space Rangers than any of the other leprechauns.

But the fairies were not done punishing McGilicudy. He packed all of his Space Rangers and his tooth brush and headed over to Sean's. But as he headed over to Sean's, the fairies changed all but one of his Space Rangers into bars of soap. When all the leprechauns went to Sean's room after supper to play,

McGilicudy proudly dumped out his Space Ranger collection. Despite the fact that he didn't have Lord Tubac, McGilicudy still knew that the others would all compete to join his team which was the best. But, instead of wanting to join his team they all laughed at the pile of soap bars that fell out of his bag. Poor McGilicudy, instead of the biggest and best force of Space Rangers, he now had one old ranger - and ten bars of soap. The one saving feature was that Sean, being McGilicudy's best and most loyal friend, let McGilicudy's ranger join his forces and shared his rangers with McGilicudy.

But McGilicudy learned that cheating does not pay and from that day on he never tried to cheat anyone, especially Tooth Fairies, again.

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