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Monday, January 23, 2006

MCGILICUDY Tricks The Tooth Fairy - Part I
by Chuck & Victor

Copyright © 1995, 2006 by Chuck Nugent, Victor Nugent & David Delgadillo

In Leprechaun Land the little leprechauns are much like little children everywhere. Like other little children, the little leprechauns like toys and all of them have their own toy collection. Sean and McGilicudy were no exception and they liked to collect Space Rangers. McGilicudy, of course, had the biggest and best collection. He was proud of his collection and he especially liked the envious looks he got from the other leprechauns when he showed off his collection which he did all the time.

One day after school Sean told all his friends that his parents had agreed that he could invite his friends over to spend the night on Saturday and that each one could bring their Space Ranger collections. They could then spend all night (at least until Sean's parents turned out the lights) having their vast army of Space Rangers defend Sean's bedroom from assorted space creatures.

McGilicudy was very excited and was eager to bring his collection which included all but one of the Space Ranger figures. The only one he was missing, and it was the newest and best Space Ranger, was Lord Tubac Supreme Commander of the Universal Forces of Good. If he could get Lord Tubac in his collection then all of the other leprechauns' Space Rangers would have to obey his Ranger.

He had been saving his money and would be able to buy Lord Tubac soon. In fact he just got a coupon for one dollar off the price of Lord Tubac and, with his allowance, would be just two dollars short of the eight dollars needed to purchase Lord Tubac on Saturday. McGilicudy worked hard all week looking for money on the ground and doing jobs for his parents and neighbors. By Friday he had saved up a total of six dollars and would get his dollar allowance on Saturday. But that would leave him one dollar short. He desperately wanted one more dollar so that he could buy Lord Tubac before going to Sean's on Saturday night. Try as he might he could not find any more jobs to make the money by Saturday.

His only hope lay in a tooth that was just little loose. If he could get that tooth out by Friday night he could put it under his pillow and the Tooth Fairy would change it into a dollar by Saturday morning. There was just one problem the tooth was just a little loose and would take a couple weeks before it would fall out. Poor McGilicudy. He was so disappointed and dejected that he could hardly pay attention in school. Even when his favorite time of the day arrived - story time - he was so sad that he could hardly hear the story. But then in the middle of the story the word "Tooth Fairy" caught his attention. He didn't hear much of the story but he did hear the part about some big animal tricking the tooth fairy by covering up a tooth with a piece of licorice and then making a fake tooth out of soap and hiding it under his pillow.

McGilicudy immediately began scheming. As soon as school was out he ran to his friend Shamus and talked Shamus into loaning him a piece of licorice. McGilicudy then ran home and chipped a piece off the bar of soap in the bathroom. He then went outside and rubbed the soap chip on the sidewalk until he had it in the shape of a tooth. After brushing his teeth for the night, McGilicudy carefully covered his loose tooth with the licorice. He did such a good job that when he looked in the mirror the tooth appeared to be gone. After carefully placing the soap chip under his pillow, he quickly drifted off to sleep.

To be Continued...

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