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Friday, June 10, 2005

Squire Gabby and the Sheep with the Golden Wool

Conclusion – Where Our Heros Arrive Too Late to Find the Sheep
Continued from Wednesday June 8, 2005) Click Here for Start of Story

Once past the land of the Centeaurs the road climbed sharply toward the sky. Up and up and up our brave Knights and little Squire climbed until they reached the top and would have touched the sky if it wern't for the giant that stood there holding up the sky.

At the top of the mountain the road split and went in three directions.
There was a sign which indicated that one of the three branches led to the end of the world (where one would fall off and never be heard from again), one led to the land of eternal fighting (where one had to fight forever) which was too much even for our brave Knights) and the third led to the land of the Sheep With The Golden Wool. Unfortunatly, the sign had been knocked down and you could not tell which road was which.

So Sir Adan asked the giant which road led to the Land of the Sheep With The Golden Wool. The giant said that he would have to check the map in his pocket and asked them if they would hold up the sky for him while he checked. Each of the four Knights took a corner and, while it was very heavy, managed to take it from the giant. The giant then introduced himself as Atlas and informed the four Knights that he had misbehaved in the past and, as punishment, had been forced to hold up the sky forever. But now, having tricked the four brave Knights into taking over his task, he was free to resume his life of mischief.

Knowing that they had to stall him, Sir Esteban asked if he would please complete his part of the bargain by checking his map and telling which road led to the Land of the Sheep With The Golden Wool. After he told them the correct road Sir Adan told Atlas that the weight of the sky was very uncomfortable pressing against their armour and would he mind taking the sky for a minute while they took off their armour. Taking pity on them, he agreed to assist with that one task. But as soon as Atlas had the sky back on his shoulders the four brave Knights mounted their hourses and, calling for Squire Gabby, took off for the Land of the Sheep With the Golden Wool leaving Atlas to hold the sky forever.

A short time later the trail led into a lush green meadow that matched the description the troubador had given. But, search as they may, there were no sheep, golden or otherwise. After riding around for hours they came to a man with a hammer and Sir Esteban asked where the Sheep With The Golden Wool could be found. He told him that the sheep had been sold after the land had been sold to a developer who was building a new shopping mall in the meadow.

Unable to fufull their quest their quest, the four Knights turned and headed back to Soggy Meadow Castle empty handed. Squire Gabby also returned empty handed - at least as far as the hollow tree in Land of Lazy Soda Drinkers. After retrieving her bags of gold floriens and silver tallers (gained from redeeming the old cans and bottles) she and her mule were so loaded down they almost sunk the boat. But by plodding on, as usual, Squire Gabby and her faithful mule eventually made it back to Soggy Meadow Castle with all of her booty!

Copyright © 2005 by Charles & Victor Nugent

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