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Monday, September 01, 2008

Labor Day Food Ideas

Originally begun as a holiday to honor the workers of North America (the day is celebrated in both the United States and Canada although each nation enacted its own laws for the holiday separately), Labor Day has since evolved more into more of a day for families to relax and have fun together.

Memorial Day has also evolved into a similar day for family gatherings (although with our soldiers again in harm's way, Memorial Day's original focus on honoring our war dead is more pronounced than Labor Day's focus on workers) and both holidays, coming as they do with one falling at the beginning of summer and the other at the end, have come to represent the beginning of the summer activity season (Memorial Day) and the end of the summer activity season (Labor Day).

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When families and friends gather together, the celebration most always includes food and holidays like Labor Day are no exception. Because it is a summer holiday, the food is generally prepared and eaten out of doors.

To assist you with ideas for Labor day food here is a video and links on food and food preparation suggestions for your Labor Day partying enjoyment.

Links for additional recipes:

Instructions for peeling and preparing a mango for eating
Mango on Plate With Seed and Sliced Mango on White Plate
(Photo Copyright © 2008 by Chuck Nugent)

An easy to make homemade pizza recipe

A recipe for a cool and tasty Strawberry Salad

Tired of plain old hot dogs? Here is a simple recipe to spice it up with curry to convert it to Currywurst - a tasty German favorite.

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