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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Make Money and Win Prizes Writing for HubPages

There is a new contest at and it is a good opportunity for new bloggers on that site to get off to a fast start. The contest is called HubLove and began at noon (Pacific Time) February 14th (Valentine's Day) and will end at noon (Pacific Time) on March 15th.

Each day at noon California time a clue will appear on the contest page. The first person to guess the single word to which the clue refers receives one point. Users then have 24 ours to write an original article of 300 words or more in which the word is used both in the text of the article as well as used as a tag for the article (HubPages provides an easy to use feature for tagging the articles they publish on the site. Users can submit up to ten articles per day on the topic for that day and receive one point for each article submitted plus 5 points if the judge, who rotates every day and is always one of the writers for Hub pages and not an employee of HubPages, selects your page as the winner. Since the Hub writer who is selected as judge for the day is not allowed to participate in the contest that day, he or she is rewarded with 5 points for being judge.

Top contestants and their scores are posted on a leader board each day. On March 15th the person with the most points will be declared the winner and will receive a prize of electronic equipment worth close to $5,000.

This contest will be more difficult to win than the one HubPages ran in the Fall of 2006. In that contest they provided a list of topics people wanted and writers were encouraged to write an article on one of these topics. Each day HubPages would draw one article written on a topic from the topic list and published that day and award that person a cash prize. HubPages were relatively new at the time so it didn't have the huge body of writers that it has now. Also, on many days very few people submitted articles. I tried to submit one or more articles each day during the contest and frequently I won simply because no one else submitted an article from the list that day. It is more competitive now and there is only one grand prize rather than a daily prize.

However, as I see it and as I wrote in an article on HubPages after the contest ended was that, while the cash prizes were great, the real value of the contest to me was that my competitive nature compelled me to write and enter a lot of articles. It also forced me to write on a wide range of topics. The end result was a that I started 2007 with close to 100 hubs, many of them the result of the contest and many of these contest hubs became very popular and continue to this day to generate Google AdSense revenue for me. So, if you enjoy writing and would like to make some money writing, click here to get the details on the HubLove Contest and join HubPages (it is free).

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