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Thursday, September 21, 2006

First Annual One Web Day - Friday September 22, 2006

Friday September 22, 2006 is the first annual One Web Day celebration. At least that is the goal of an outfit that calls itself OneWebDay and is busy spreading the word via its web page (where else would such an organization choose to announce its presence) whose URL is

Unlike the other holidays I write about here, this is a brand new holiday. So new, that the first time it will be celebrated will be tomorrow, Friday September 22, 2006. As of now there is very little history and no real traditions to report on. Instead, this is an attempt to use the Internet to quickly spread and idea and just as quickly build momentum to have people spontaneously begin celebrating it as a holiday. The organizers of the event have deliberately chosen not to dictate much beyond the date, September 22nd every year, and the general purpose which is to celebrate the role of the Internet on our lives. Beyond this it is up the the users of the Internet to determine how it is to be celebrated and what values it will celebrate.

Of course, this is the way all of our holidays started. Some event had such an impact that it stuck in people's memories and some began making a point of memorializing the date as it occurred each year. Others eventually joined in and, over time, traditions intermixed and out of this mixture some common traditions emerged. The only real difference with OneWebDay is the attempt to start the holiday off with a major world wide celebration. According to the website of the OneWebDay organizers ( numerous groups have sprung up around the world to help promote and celebrate the day. Assuming the idea of a special day to celebrate the Internet finds appeal among rank and file users, rather than just those of us who are deeply involved with the Internet, the holiday may take off and quickly become a holiday celebrated by all (including the few who don't use the Internet). However, even if it just becomes a day to be celebrated by those whose lives are intertwined with the Internet, it could still evolve into a widespread and popular holiday - it will just take longer.

According to their website, the idea for OneWebDay originated with Susan Crawford, a professor at the Cardozo School of Law and who is also a member of the Board of Directors of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), the organization that is responsible for managing the assignment of internet addresses. Ms Crawford used Earth Day as the model for the holiday. The September 22nd date was chosen for two reasons. First, because it fell after school started in the Northern Hemisphere (and school is probably still in session in the Southern Hemisphere although I do not know if that was checked or considered) thereby enabeling schools to promote it among their students. Second, the choice of the 22nd corresponds with Earth Day which is celebrated on April 22nd. Finally, according to the OneWebDay website, the general purpose of the holiday is to celebrate the impact of the Internet on our lives. Beyond this, the rest of the details of OneWebDay are being left to the masses in cyberspace to decide. This is a bottom up celebration with the users of the Internet defining the purpose of the holiday and how to celebrate it.

So, we will see how it goes and, if the holiday is a hit this year, then next year I will be able to begin reporting on how the holiday is celebrated. But, for now, you have the history and traditions of this proposed holiday as they stand on the eve the first OneWebDay.


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