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Monday, February 13, 2006


Copyright (C) 1993, 2006 by Charles J. Nugent, Victor L. Nugent & David A. Delgadillo

One day, as Sean the Leprechaun was playing with his friend McGilicudy, Sean's Mom can in and said, "Sean, it is time to get ready to go and get your shot". "Shot", McGilicudy said. "That is fun! I went with my Dad last night. We shot a gun and won prizes." "Oh, boy!", said Sean. "Can I come with you?" asked McGilicudy. "Let me ask my Mom" said Sean. Sean's Mom said than McGilicudy could come and soon they were off - TO THE DOCTOR'S OFFICE!

Sean and McGilicudy were so excited! When they reached the doctor's office McGilicudy thought that something didn't look right but he didn't know what it was. It just did not look like the place he and his father had shot guns the night before. They waited in the waiting room. Both Sean and McGilicudy listened for the sound of shots but heard none. Then they were called into the examining room. Sean and McGilicudy eagerly followed the nurse. But McGilicudy still kept feeling that something was wrong. He just did not know what it was. As soon as they entered the examining room McGilicudy knew instantly what was wrong. This was where the Doctor gave you a shot with a needle - not where you got to shoot a gun! But before McGilicudy could warn Sean and tell him of the terrible mistake the door closed. There stood the Doctor. McGilicudy stood frozen with fear as he remembered standing here for his pre-school physical a year ago. He could feel the shot again.

Sean was still wondering where the guns were as the doctor examined him - but he thought that she was just measuring him to see what kind of gun he could hold. Seemingly without warning, the Doctor pulled out her needle and prepared to give Sean his shot. McGilicudy felt bad about giving Sean the wrong idea about the shot - but he had just made a mistake. Poor Sean, before he knew what was happening Dr. Seamus stuck the needle in his arm and gave him his shot. He started to cry - more from fear and surprise than pain.

As Dr. Seamus removed the needle, McGilicudy backed up against the wall and pleaded, "Please don't give me a shot - I had one last year before I started school." Dr. Seamus quickly assured him that she would not give him a shot.

But poor Sean was still crying and said, "I thought we were going to shoot a gun and get a prize". At that moment both Dr. Seamus and Sean's Mother realized what the confusion was all about.They explained to Sean and McGilicudy that you get SHOTS from a needle to keep you strong and healthy or take SHOTS at a target with a gun to win prizes. Sean and McGilicudy now realized their mistake - one word two meanings, the world could be really confusing at times.

But Sean was still crying. "I really wanted one of those prizes", he said. "No problem" said Dr. Seamus as she rang for the nurse who soon came running with a box of prizes. "Since I never miss with my shots, you always win a prize here" she said with a smile. A bright smile came across his face as Sean reached in and selected his prize - a nice red squirt gun. Seeing a green squirt gun next to it Sean said "Can McGilicudy get a shot too so that he can get the green squirt gun?"

Poor McGilicudy stood frozen - afraid to get a shot and afraid of not getting the green squirt gun so that he could play with Sean. But sweet old Mrs. McGreggor, the nurse, seeing poor McGilicudy's plight quickly came to his rescue by suggesting that he be given a prize for having received a shot the year before.

Everyone left happy.

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